Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan medicine expands to inland market

Tibet’s medicine system has basically come to fruition, with annual production of over 800 million yuan, according Tibet Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission. Having a his ..

Do you know about Tibetan medicine?

Tibetan medicine is one of the few traditional medicinal systems still in use world today, along with Indian Ayurveda medicine, Western and Chinese ..

Rare alpine plant appears at Mt. Qomolangma

In June of 2015, photographer Liu Yuhong photographed the Meconopsis pinnatifolia flower in Tibet's Karma Valley. The pinnatifolia, which has become a rare and elusive species on ..

Tibetan baths

As a saying goes, "Wherever there is people in Tibet, will be hot spring within one hundred kilometers." The Tibetan bathe springs as way of staying healthy and curing disea ..

Tibetan traditioal medicine

Tibetan traditioal medicine

Tibetan medicine, an important part of the Chinese medical tradition, has been evolving for nearly 3,000 years. During third century BC, a primitive system had existed on Qinghai-Tibe ..

Tibetan Medicine

About Tibetan Medicine The Science of Healing - "Sowa Rigpa" in has been taught and practiced throughout Central Asia for more than 2500 years. best elements Indian ayurvedi ..