Tibetan Medicine

Doctors in demand on the 'roof of the world'

Doctors in demand on the 'roof of the world'

In a valley flanked by snow-capped peaks on China's border with the Kingdom of Bhutan, a small hospital consisting of three brick bungalows stands among stretches of adobe houses.

Inside Ngamring Tibetan Hospital in SW China

Inside Ngamring Tibetan Hospital in SW China

Staff study before working in the Ngamring Tibetan Hospital, County, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Nov. 3, 2016. medicine has absorbed influences of traditional Chinese, Indian and Arab is ..

Qinghai innovates Tibetan medicine inheritance

On the 29th of September a long time elderly patient rheumatism by name Rinchen soaked his body in Tibetan medicinal broth and placed gauze wrap over knee joint. The plateau is just abo ..

Tibetan medicine touted as a hospital turns 100

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of a Tibetan hospital, more than 400 scholars and experts from home abroad gathered in Lhasa, capital Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, to atten ..

Cultivation of Tibetan medicine through innovation

Seed germinators and western medical equipment are no longer novelties in Tibetan medicine hospitals, as researchers doctors become increasingly technologically adept. Tashi Tsering with the Bio ..

Tibetan medicine wins global recognition

Attendees of the first international forum on traditional Tibetan medicine gathered in Lhasa, Tibet, Tuesday to share ideas and celebrate 100th anniversary a hospital. Men-Tsee-Khang, ..

Tibetan medicine clinics flourish in Qinghai

Tibetan medicine clinics flourish in Qinghai

“Ethnic regions should develop ethnic medicines. Our farmers and herdsmen trust Tibetan medicine, whenever someone gets a cold, they’d ask if there was medicine first.” Doul ..

Prevention better than cure on the grasslands

After working as a doctor in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture Sichuan province for more than 40 years, Pema Yutso has plenty to say about improving medical care the grassland areas where eth ..

Tibetan medicine expands to inland market

Tibet’s medicine system has basically come to fruition, with annual production of over 800 million yuan, according Tibet Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission. Having a his ..

Do you know about Tibetan medicine?

Tibetan medicine is one of the few traditional medicinal systems still in use world today, along with Indian Ayurveda medicine, Western and Chinese ..

Rare alpine plant appears at Mt. Qomolangma

In June of 2015, photographer Liu Yuhong photographed the Meconopsis pinnatifolia flower in Tibet's Karma Valley. The pinnatifolia, which has become a rare and elusive species on ..