"Power Sky Road" supplies more than 5.5 billion kwh of electricity to Tibet

China's State Grid Corporation Qinghai Province Electric Power Company revealed that since the "Power Sky Road" project was completed in 2011, it has delivered 5.5 billion kwh of electricity to Tibet. At the same time, it has helped Tibet's power grid achieve power transmissions of 2.3 billion kwh.

Seven years since it was launched, the "Power Sky Road" has provided strong energy support for the healthy and stable development of Tibet's economy and society.

Known as the "Power Sky Road", the Qinghai-Tibet AC-DC Power Interconnection project begins in Xining, Qinghai and travels 2,530 kilometers west to Lhasa, Tibet. The average elevation of the project is 4,500 meters above sea level, and it passes through the Sanjiangyuan, Hoh Xil, and Changthang nature reserves. It is one of 23 key development projects in China's western region and also the highest DC transmission project at present.

"The ‘Power Sky Road' has unlocked the energy bottleneck of Tibet. Integrating the summer-rich-winter-poor seasonal load characteristics of Tibet's power grid, they have realized a normalization of hydropower delivery in Tibet by transporting surplus hydropower in Tibet during the summer flood season, so that the advantages of Tibet's hydropower resources can be transformed into economic advantages," Li Xiaoming, director of the Tsaidam Converter Station of the Qinghai Electric Power Maintenance Company, said.